Adventure Camp

The end of May brought the half-term holiday and time for another spell out in the woods.

We moved further down into the woods for the adventure challenges of trail laying and fire lighting. We finally achieved the cooking of popcorn without actually setting it on fire.

Kim set a challenge to build a platform house 1 metre off the ground that would be weatherproof and withstand her bucket of water test. The standard of knotting was excellent beneath the canopy but and there was some creative design work. Despite appearances there was general enjoyment and all stayed mostly dry.

Team 2 took a slightly different approach and would have kept their feet drier had a storm swept by –

On the final day we were joined by some more young people and also by Adventures R Us with slack rope and high ropes.  Some of us were very happy to keep our feet on the ground.

Meanwhile James the Ranger was running his own set of challenges to travel across the forest floor without stepping in molten lava.  Just as well there wasn’t any or there would have been some roasted toes.

But the best thing of all was seeing the smiles on the faces of our two very serious young men. Hooray…

2016-06-02 14.17.13


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