Sparks in the Dark

Spring is nearly here! The birds are singing to each other, the daffs are nearly out, and everyone is finally over that cold they’ve had for the last 6 weeks.

But! Remember last November as the nights were drawing in? We had a great time chasing away the darkness with our lanterns and furnaces on Wincobank Hill as part of the Light up the Hill event.

Volunteer Film maker Martin Currie sent a group of young people off with cameras to record the event, and this is the result of their excellent camera work and Martin’s production skills.

Proof that without darkness there would be no light!


Wild Things – Three Days in Pictures

Half term in detail

Wilderness skills pic

What are we doing next week?


Using nature to light fire

Deer hide curing

Making cordage using drop spindles

Using a shave horse and making beads and buttons


Using a bow drill to light fire with friction

Make and bake bread on a fire

Using smoke to preserve and flavour food



Self directed activities using skills learnt on previous two days

There are a few of spaces available – click here for booking form Info and Booking form wilderness or contact Catherine Nuttgens on 0114 2736199 or email

Living History in Ecclesall Woods

We have made a video of the Woods through our sister project – Ecclesall Wood Land  – also funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Ecclesall Woods is South Yorkshire’s largest Ancient Woodland, and this video shows us how people have used the woods over the centuries, and how they are using it now. Enjoy! If you want to find out more, come and join us on the Wilderness Skills Course next week!